Application Check List: **

  1. Completed Application form and upload the pdf file you received in email.
  2. Upload Official transcript(s) of your grades for the previous year. Can be sent to: *
  3. Upload Financial information
    • School Budget – Anticipated Income & Expenses
    • Total Family Income reported on last Federal Tax Return
    • Copy of last years Tax statement (1040 & W-2)
    • Any expected changes in income and an explanation of the circumstances.
    • Number of dependents

First time applicants must also include:

  1. Upload Two letters of recommendation from faculty members unrelated to you. Can be sent to*
  2. Create and upload your Personal Mission Statement (500 words or less)

* These files will be uploaded to your folder for you by our Administrator.
**If you change your major or program you must resubmit two Letters of Recommendation and your Mission Statement. **
Please upload all materials before April 15 to be considered for the current year.
You application will be packaged for you based on the files you have uploaded and your completed application form.
When all material are ready, you will create and upload a Signature form, which will be used as your confirmation that all required documents and completed application have been uploaded and your Educational Grant Application packet is complete.
Need help with creating your electronic material, please Contact Us.
If you have questions about the grant requirements, please –  Contact Educational Grant Chair

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