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Genealogy Database

The Scudder Association mission includes the research and publication of our family history and genealogy. Over the past 100 years the inspiring, daring, heroic, amusing, swashbuckling, even glamorous stories of our relatives have been collected by devoted historians. Now it is available online in a searchable database that includes photos and a provision to share those stories.

All members of the Association are invited to take a look for your relatives and if you don’t see them, contact our Historian to have their information included here. Our Family Historian, Chris Scudder, is a skilled researcher who compiled much of the information in these pages. He can help you include family photographs, letters and documents in this database.

… This online family scrapbook is an excellent way to save the information for future generations.

Instructions for the Scudder Genealogy Database

Start with a Quick (Name) Search

Start with a name search to find your Scudder family lineage.
This can be any relative or spouses name.  If it is in the database you will find it.You can refine your search by including the  middle initial or name in the First name field or use the Advance Search option to include birth date, birth place, etc.

Add to the Scudder database

Find a item in need of a correction? New births or marriages to announce? Contact the genealogist by using the “Suggest” tab to have your corrections added to the database or use this form to

What Happened Today?

See what happened today … Scudder births, deaths, marriages, etc.

Just Click the ‘What Happened Today?” tab.

Look for Scudders near you!

Try searching for a Scudder relative based on birth locations…

Just click the ‘Scudders Born Near You’ Tab

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