Welcome to the Foundatiion

Someone thinks you should be a member of the Scudder Association Foundation and if you’re a Scudder we do too.

Please take a moment to browse through our site to discover a rich heritage of service to country and the world. We hope it will inspire you to join us and help continue this important tradition.

Who Are We?

We are people of all walks of life with different views and perspectives. We share common ancestors who were extraordinary people and enjoy celebrating their accomplishments as they inspire us to pursue our own good works.


The Scudder Association, one of America’s  oldest philanthropic organizations, was founded in 1912 and  incorporated in New York State, in 1938 as a non-profit corporation.

“Organized on Washington’s Birthday,1912, by descendants of the American pioneers, Thomas Scudder (Salem, Massachusetts, 1632) and John Scudder (Charleston, Massachusetts, 1635), in the belief than an Association founded on a bond of kinship would prove an inspiration to generation after generation of American Scudders and their descendants wherever living the world over.”

Over the years the Scudder Association mission has gone on to include financial support and assistance to the Scudder medical missions in Ranipet, India, and Vellore, India.  Encouraging the spirit of service, the Scudder Association Foundation has long supported scholarships for those seeking careers in medicine, social services and spiritual guidance. The Association also promotes the research of our family history and the preservation of the family records.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Still have questions: Drop us a line at info@scudder.org and we’ll contact you directly.

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