The Two-for-One Matching Gift Campaign

Scudder Association Foundation is Proud to Sponsor a Two-for-One Matching Gift Campaign to Open a Maternity Hospital in Jawadhi Hills, South India

With your help, our partner organization, Christian Medical College Vellore, will build and staff a maternity hospital in the Jawadhi Hills of India to address the unacceptably high maternal and infant mortality experienced by women now living in this remote and underserved region.

Due to their poverty and travel constraints, expectant mothers in the Jawadhi Hills often give birth in an unsafe environment.  Following delivery their children lack adequate postnatal care and immunizations.

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore is committed to establishing a 24-hour hospital in Veerapanoor Village, which will provide natural childbirth deliveries, obstetric & neonatal intensive care, and maternal-child healthcare training.

Aunt Ida’s two greatest passions:

“High quality maternal health” and “outreach to those in greatest need” serve as inspiration for this new hospital.

Ida’s call to service:

After she bore witness to the deaths of three expectant mothers, Ida wrote, “I could not bear to think of these young girls as dead…I must go home and study medicine and come back to India to help such women.”

Ida’s commitment of outreach:

CMC is carrying forward Ida’s vision of bringing health care to the people, first with roadside clinics, first by wagon, then by car, now with a hospital in the Jawadhi Hills.

The Two-For-One Matching Gift Campaign:

After recent visits to the Jawadhi Hills, board members Jack Gillmar and Jim Taylor have developed a great passion for this campaign, which they hope to share with you.  Each will match a dollar for every dollar given, up to $20,000 of donations.   Your one dollar becomes three.  If fully subscribed the campaign plus matching gifts will raise a total of $60,000.  The Scudder Association Foundation will take no administrative fee.  One hundred percent of money raised will go directly to the Jawadhi Hills Maternity Hospital program.

Your donation is secure and is tax deductible.  Once you choose to donate, you will receive an email acknowledgement of your gift.

We're so excited to have raised $21,740 so far, for this campaign. With the 2:1 matching our final total will be 3 times that amount!
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Please note: the matching Gift deadline is October 31st.

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