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In 1819 the Rev. Dr. John Scudder and his wife, Harriet, left Boston for India as the first medical missionaries sent out from America. “Pioneer John’s” seven sons all returned to India with their wives and founded hospitals and schools. Forty Scudders gave over 1,000 years of missionary service in India. The Scudder Association Foundation was founded as the Scudder Memorial Association in 1911 to raise funds to build a Scudder hospital in Ranipet, South India. A year later a separate organization, The Scudder Association of America, was formed to foster Scudder kinship. In 1938 the two organizations combined to form The Scudder Association, a non-profit organization.
The Scudder Association of America was organized and incorporated in New Jersey in 1911 “to erect, equip, maintain and extend a hospital or hospitals in India, to honor and perpetuate the missionary work begun in 1819 by Rev. John Scudder, M.D.” His descendants founded two hospitals and two high schools in south India which are still supported by the Scudder Association Foundation over 110 years later.
In 1912 The Scudder Association of America, was formed by the descendants of Thomas and John Scudder who immigrated from Kent, England in the 1630s to Massachusetts “in the belief that an Association founded on a bond of kinship would prove an inspiration to generation after generation of American Scudders and their descendants wherever living the world over.” In 1938 the two organizations were dissolved and incorporated as one organization: The Scudder Association, Inc.
Renamed in 2018, The Scudder Association Foundation, Inc. continues the original missions of supporting the medical and educational institutions founded in India by Scudders, providing Scudder Scholarships to institutions of higher learning in the United States and India and promoting kinship among Scudders worldwide.

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