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2023 Annual Meeting Essex, CT, October 7, 2023, with Dr. Sam Raj and his wife, Dr. Pamela Raj, from Scudder Memorial Hospital in Ranipet and John Riehl President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation in New York

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We invite you to become a member or renew your membership to the Scudder Association, one of the oldest and most accomplished family charitable organizations in the United States.

The Scudder Connection –

One of America’s Oldest Family Philanthropic Organizations

For over 100 years, The Scudder Association’s mission has been to provide and encourage:

  • Support for the Scudder Medical Missions

  • Educational Funds for Medical, Humanitarian and Ministry Studies

  • Scudder Family History Resources

The Scudder Association Foundation was founded in part, to support the medical mission work begun by Dr. John Scudder in 1818.

It is a proud family tradition and one we hope you will consider joining. It’s easy, fast and convenient.

Are you a Scudder?  Find out here

To discover if you’re a “Scudder” – Visit  the Scudder Ancestors in America web site to discover your Scudder linage and see if you are related to the three Scudders (Thomas, John or Elizabeth) who came to Massachusetts from England in the 1630s.

Benefits of Membership


When you join the Scudder Association Foundation you become part of a family organization that has a 400-year tradition of service.  It is a history and mission that we continue to celebrate and honor.


  • A custom membership certificate suitable for framing noting your Scudder ancestor and date of arrival in America.
  • Full access to the foundation’s website and archives to enable you to learn more about your Scudder ancestors and cousins.
  • Free downloads of the renowned family historical and biographical journal.
  • The opportunity to meet other Scudders from around the country and the world.
  • An invitation to our biennial family gathering held in an historic location.  
  • The chance to “Come Back” to a family with an unwavering commitment of “Assisting those who serve others”.

We urge you and your family to become a part of one of America’s oldest philanthropic organizations.

Come join the family party 


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