Supporting Our Scholarship Grant Program

 “Old” money can get lonely

1918-two-dollar-bill The Scudder Association was founded largely to provide financial assistance to those Scudders and their colleagues serving in medical services overseas. The Association established funds for supporting both short and long term operational goals. To insure the future of the Indian mission hospitals, an Educational Grant fund was also created. This fund was to assist students “… in the fields of medicine, divinity and social work.”screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-00-17-am Over the years a great deal of attention has been paid to the efforts in India, work that is nothing short of a miracle. As a result member donations, particularly the fantastically generous ones, have been earmarked for the Indian hospitals. This has left our Educational Grant Funds feeling rather lonely and neglected. The Educational Grant trust has soldiered along quietly for years providing educational assistance to countless of students, both here and abroad. While the cost of college and post graduate tuition has ballooned to impossible proportions, alas, our fund has not.

Our “Old” money is. . . well, old.new100

We need new money in order to provide any meaningful assistance to future generations of people who wish to be of “service to others”.   It is our intention that the new Scudder 2.0 network will make our Educational Grant program more accessible to applicants. As well as, making giving easier and more convenient, than ever. As we spin the “Scudder 2.0” to full operational strength, we will be initiating a campaign to raise awareness of our scholarship program. We hope you will join us in making our “old” money less lonely.

In the meantime, we encourage you to see how easy, convenient and smart it is to help.

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