Scudder Association Grants

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The Scudder Association distributes a number of grants each year to students in the fields of medicine, divinity and social work. Our students mostly but not exclusively come from and study in US universities and colleges. These students must demonstrate scholarship and high standards in their field of study and financial need. We disperse $25,000 dollars a year in small grants ranging from $1000 to $2500. This program has benefited hundreds of students over a period of 50 years. We encourage worthy and qualified students to complete the grant application and list of requirements below.

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Download and Complete the Application

Fill out the easy to complete Scudder Educational Grant Application form. It is the first step of the consideration and approval process.

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Application Check List:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Official transcript of your grades for the previous year.
  3. Financial information:
    • School Budget – Anticipated Income & Expenses
    • Total Family Income reported on last Federal Tax Return
    • Copy of last years Tax statement (1040 & W-2)
    • Any expected changes in income and an explanation of the circumstances.
    • Number of dependents

First time applicants must also include:

  1. Two letters of recommendation from faculty members unrelated to you.
  2. Mission Statement (500 words or less)

**If you change your major or program you must resubmit two Letters of Recommendation and your Mission Statement. **
Please upload all of your materials before April 15 to be considered for the current year. Transcripts and Recommendations may be emailed to:
The Scudder Association Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Educational Grants Committee
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