“Straight from the Horse’s Mouth:
Time Again to Separate Scudder Facts from Fiction,”
by ©Margery Boyden, Scudder Association Foundation Historian,

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  1. Carol Ann (Scudder) Girardin

    Why in some records does it refer to the original John Scudder as ” doubtful”.

    i am a born Scudder from Rochester, N.Y.

    My father was Merrill Frederick Scudder from Fulton, N.Y.
    His father was Leon R Scudder (called L R as in the age of LLBean) he was born in Palermo, N.Y. and ran a meat market on Oneida St with a brother in Fulton, N.Y
    His father was Leander Scudder, , Palermo …dairy farmer
    Original Scudder with wife & 3 kids about 1799 went here to Palermo but have been trying to find where they lived before that and which Scudder (John or Thomas) they came from. Cape Cod seemed to keep their boys close, but Thomas’ kid were adventurers.
    I have been looking into these Scudders and spent some time at Lathrop house library in roped off room where Elizabeth married Samuel. Have now stumbled over your association and have corrected my notes.
    I am 86…near 87 and remember my great grandparents on visits to Palermo. My son lives in Huntington, LI and I lived in Port Washington raising family, but now live in Wilmington, N.Y. near Lake Placid. Many, many graves in Huntington & home of John.1

  2. Regina Mansour

    I am a Scudder from Kenton County, Kentucky.
    I am now 61 years old and would like to trace my Scudder ancestors.
    If anyone would have any information I could reasearch, it would be most appreciated.
    I am new to this and I don’t really know how to track down my ancestors.
    Thankyou so much for your time.


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