A Surprising Scudder India Bicentennial Bonus

Two Additional 1819 Scudder Missionaries That Were Hidden from View!

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In this issue, Margery Boyden, Scudder Association Foundation Historian, shares her findings that 2 additional “Scudder” missionaries were sailing with Dr. John and Harriet Scudder in 1819.

Curiosity can sometimes lead to unexpected but pleasing discoveries. When Dr. John and Harriet (Waterbury) Scudder set sail for Calcutta and Ceylon, three other missionary couples were with them. We couldn’t help but ask, “Who were they and what life experiences brought them to dedicate themselves to missionary service for the rest of their lives?” This June 2019 journal has some unexpected answers that came from the fun of historical  pursuit. It seems stranger than fiction, but it is true:

Did Dr. John Scudder Know He had Two Scudder Missionary Cousins with Him Aboard the Indus, 1819?” and

Harriet Wadsworth (Lathrop) Winslow: the Third ‘Scudder’ Cousin on the Indus.

Building on April 2019’s journal focus on our common English ancestor, HenryA Scudder,[1] yeoman of Horton Kirby, Kent, this issue continues HenryA’s story with “The Three Sons of Henry Scudder (Skudder), Yeoman of Horton Kirby, Kent: A Season of Political Upheaval Had Effects on Life Circumstances of Each Son.”

Our June 2019 Scudder Family Historical & Biographical Journal also includes additional reprints of 3 more wills that pertain to HenryA’s family’s history.

[1] The letter “A” is not an initial but a generational designation.This will assist in clearing up some confusion in print about the relationships among the immigrants. HenryA’s sons Rev. Henry1, Thomas1 and John1 will share the same generational number “1” to show their proper relationships. Therefore, their children will be generation “2”. There has been confusion about the relationships between Thomas1 (T), John2 (J) and Elizabeth2 (E) because of their immigrant ancestor status designating them as “American Scudder generation 1” to each of their descendant lines but they were not the same generation in the family structure.

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