A Story 200 Years in the Making.
In Appreciation for a Unique Life of Service:
Love and Strength of Character Motivated Dr. John Scudder to Labor in India,
with selected quotations
Bicentennial Tribute compiled by Margery Boyden, Historian for the Scudder Association Foundation 


A Story 200 Years in the Making . . .


  1. Susan Swanson

    Your new journal is marvelous! Congratulations on a job well done! It’s attractive and very readable for anyone, young or old. I look forward to your next issue!

  2. Susan Hubble nee Sweet

    Having just discovered the wonderful family history of my Great Grandmother Louisa who married Henry Baker Sweet I find all the accounts of the family truly fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing

    • Rich Scudder

      You’re welcome. Our Family Historian strives to present the various lines from the Three Scudders who immigrated from England in the 1600’s. Keep watching for more family stories coming soon.

      Rich Scudder, Board Member


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