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Charles S. K. Scudder

President of the Scudder Association Foundation, Inc.


Journey to India


  1. Susan Cochran Swanson

    Thank you so much for writing this delightful account of your visit. It brought back many memories of my visits to CMC&H and also to SMH. (My great-grandfather, Dr. Silas Scudder, founded SMH in 1866.) In 1978 Dr. Ida B. Scudder and D.V. Scudder and I went to India to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the “new” Scudder Memorial Hospital in 1928. D.V. was there to dedicate the new CMC&H blood bank named in honor of her husband, Dr. John Scudder (a pioneer in developing blood banks) who had served there for 5 years. I returned as a member of a delegation from the Vellore Board (I served on that board for 10 years) in the 1980s and later as a rep of The Scudder Association for the dedication of the statue of Aunt Ida in Vellore. My father, Hamilton Cochran, (Silas’ grandson) served as president of The Scudder Association in the 1960s and later in the 1970s both my husband and I also served as president. D.V. Scudder was secretary for many years before Cy Scudder took over. It’s wonderful to see my nephew, Dr. Jim Taylor, and his wife, Dr. Susan Pepper, so involved with both the hospitals and the Association. Good Scudder work continues!! Keep it up!

    • Charles Scudder


      Thanks for your comments. We really had a wonderful trip, and I am glad you enjoyed my write up. We would love to have you back and active on the Board if you have the time.

  2. Honorine Ward

    Dear Charles
    This is a delightful account of your visit to Vellore and Ranipet and the surrounding areas. Thank you for sharing! I am so glad the Scudder family was able to visit my Alma Mater, Christian Medical College, Vellore where I spent 6 of the best years of my life! I hope this will be the first of many visits of the Scudder family to this area where Aunt Ida, as she was fondly known, founded the Christian Medical College for women 100 years ago. The founding of a medical college for women by a woman to care for women is a remarkable achievement. As Chair, and on behalf, of the Board of the Vellore Christian Medical Foundation, we are honored to continue our longstanding partnership with the Scudder Association Foundation.
    Warm regards
    Honorine Ward, MD

  3. Charles Scudder

    Honorine, Thanks for the nice note. We really enjoyed the trip, and it turned out to be a real eye opener as to the many projects my Scudder ancestors had been involved in throughout Tamil Nadu. I look forward to seeing you again soon at the CMC events later this month. Charles

  4. Mercy Jeyeraj

    I am a CMC Nurse would like to contact Mr. John Riehl Scudder Please.

  5. George Bavin

    I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HONORED BY Dr Ida Scudder being in any way related to me. The stories my grandmother told me from the time I was a young boy about her work in India helped give me purpose of doing positive work for the good of civilisation during this life.
    Thankyou to my grand cousin Ida.
    Wish I could have known you in life but have always been alive in my heart and my Grandmothers and Aunt Elizabeth’s stories and writings.
    May I know her and all my great relatives in death and beyond.
    George Christopher Bavin
    Hollywood, California


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