Front Row: Prasad Palla, Honorine Ward, Jayanthi Peter, JV Peter, Vikram Mathews, Margaret Kumar, George Varughese Rear Row: Trish Carroll, Bibhuti Mishra, Niranjan Bose, Bobby Cherayil, William Scudder, Ben Chan, Albert Johnson,Meredith Hawkins, Tom Philips, Madelon Finkel,Franklin Ishida, Catherine Poornaselvan, Mike Lekic, Binu Varughse, Cephas Swamidoss On June 20th Corporation members of the Vellore CMC Foundation gathered for its Annual meeting at the Interchurch Center in NYCOn June 20th Corporation members of the Vellore CMC Foundation gathered for its Annual meeting at the Interchurch Center in NYC.

The Foundation welcomed its CMC Guests: Dr. JV Peter (Director), Dr. Jayanthi Peter and Dr. Vikram Mathews (Associate Director). This was Dr. Peter’s first visit to NYC since assuming the role of Director in late 2017. Dr. Peter provided an update on the latest awards and rankings, Centenary events, Construction at the Kannigapuram campus, Progress at the Chittoor campus. Finally, Dr. Peter put forth his vision for the way forward taking into consideration various internal and external factors at CMC, you can view his presentation here.

During the Annual Meeting the Corporation receives and approves the annual audited Financial Statements which you can view here.

We welcome the following new Board members Dr. Christie Thomas, Mr. Binu Varguhese and Dr. Madelon Finkel. Dr. Honorine Ward (Board Chair) thanked Dr. Bibhuti Mishra (Batch ’71) and Dr. Sajiv John (Batch ’78) for their dedicated service as Board members.

Dr. Christie Thomas, a member of the Batch of ’75, graduated from CMC with specialization in Nephrology. Dr. Thomas is a Professor of Internal Medicine & Nephrology at the University Of Iowa Carver College Of Medicine. He is also the Treasurer of the newly formed CMC Alumni Association of North America.

Dr. Madelon Finkel

Dr. Madelon Finkel is Director, Office of Global Health Education and Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC). She is a former Board member, Board Secretary, Chair of the Oration Committee and Personnel Committee.


Mr. Binu Varughese

Binu Varughese is currently a Corporation member and member of the Finance Committee. He is Vice President at Assured Guaranty.

Centenary Year of Medical Education at CMC Celebration

The evening before the Annual Meeting On June 19 supporters of the Vellore CMC Foundation gathered in NYC to celebrate the Centenary year of Medical education at CMC.

JV & Jayanthi Peter with Anitha & George Varughese


George Varughese (Vice Chair)  welcomed our CMC Guests: Dr. JV Peter (Director), Dr. Jayanthi Peter and Dr. Vikram Mathews(Associate Director) to the Aicon Gallery; thanking the owners Prajit and Projal Dutta for generously donating the beautiful space celebrating Indian contemporary art.



Jayanthi singing, accompanied by Peter Click here to watch video

Dr. JV Peter, an accomplished pianist, played pieces that illustrated the impact of his musical pursuits throughout his life. Dr. Jayanthi Peter sang a beautiful devotional song in Tamil , accompanied by Dr. Peter on piano.

Jayanthi & JV Peter, Vikram Mathews, Charles & Mary Scudder

Prasad Palla, JV Peter, Jayanthi Peter, Honorine Ward, Trish Carroll

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