John ScudderAs Scudders, we take great pride in the pioneering work of our relatives who have served in India since the 1800s. They've left us a rich legacy upon which the Scudder Association continues to build.

That legacy began when Rev. Dr. John Scudder, Sr. (September 3, 1793 - January 13, 1855), M.D., D.D., founded the first Western Medical Mission in Asia at Ceylon and later became the first American medical missionary in India. He began what amounted to more than 1,100 combined years of missionary service there by 42 members of four generations of the Scudder family of missionaries in India.

The Scudder Association was founded in part to assist in supporting this work

The India Grants

Ida Scudder

 Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder vanguarded modern medicine when she open a one-bed clinic in Vellore, India, she become acutely aware of the health needs of women in that country's southern region. Her vision of healing and education is still going strong. The Vellore Christian Medical College and Hospital is one of Asia's leading medical institutions, attracting outstanding medical personnel from the United States, Great Britain, and other countries. Today the, Indian directed, Vellore CMC&H is a vital, diverse, multidenominational community, serving nearly one million people a year.

 The India Grants committee has the joy and responsibility of giving about $25,000 yearly to a selection of charitable organizations in South India.

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Educational Grants

The Scudder Association gives out a number of grants each year to students recommended by members, in the fields of medicine, ministry, and social work. The Educational Grant committee has the joy and responsibility of dispersing about $25,000 each year to worthy and needy students. Generally The Scudder Association gives grants of $1,000 to $2,500 each student, up to 25 in all.


Applicants should be a Scudder Association member or be recommended by a Scudder Association member. We encourage worthy and qualified applicants, contact us to start the application process.

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