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In January, 2024, SAF first vice president, Dr. James Hamilton Taylor, Dr. Silas Scudder’s great-great grandson, unveiled the plaque commemorating the five Scudder couples who served at SMH between 1866 and the retirement of Dr. Galen Scudder in 1954.

Founded on March 17, 1866, in Ranipet South India by Dr. Silas, Scudder Hospital was the first hospital in the Arcot District. Dr. Silas is also credited with beginning the first medical training in the English language in India. After serving eleven years in Ranipet, his health broken, Dr. Silas returned to America with his family where he died at the age of 44 leaving his wife, Marianna, and five young children.

Next month: news from the Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore.

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