Bicentennial Visitation Gift

As the Scudder Association prepares for its January journey to India\’s medical missions, founded and operated by Scudders, join the Board of Governors in a fund raising campaign to present a financial gift to Scudder Memorial Hospital during our visit. The Board has already collectively contributed several thousand dollars to kick start the campaign. Please contribute what you can.  There is no minimum amount expected, and your participation is what is most important. If you contribute, your name (not the amount of the contribution) will be listed on a document to be presented to Scudder Memorial Hospital during our trip with the check for aggregate amount of the contributions.


We urge you to help continue the 200 year legacy of helping others less fortunate by contributing to this fund.

On behalf of the Scudder Association and the countless grateful recipients of the vital medical assistance your donation will provide. . .

Thank you

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