CMC and Tufts are Collaborating

CMC and Tufts are Collaborating on Teaching Methods for Medical Bioethics Curriculum

\"Tufts-CMC\"Tufts University School of Medicine is one of CMC’s most expansive and historic collaborators.  Foundation Board Chair Dr. Honorine Ward (’69) and Board Member Dr. Christine Wanke are both professors at Tufts and have led the most recent efforts to bring shared, funded educational and research projects to benefit both institutions.

Currently CMC and Tufts are working together on a 3-year project funded by the United States-India Education Foundation,to codify teaching methods for CMC faculty to deliver medical ethics in all areas of teaching.   “Capacity Building for Medical Education in Bioethics in India” addresses the need for an appropriate bioethics curriculum for undergraduate medical students in India. The project will be completed in collaboration with Tufts University in Boston.  You can read more about the grant here.  Annual meetings at Tufts have brought CMC and Tufts Bioethics faculty members together for meetings.  In April six CMC faculty visited Boston for this project:  Dr. Vinod Abraham (’89) (2nd from right), Dr. Gigi Chandy (’77) (far right), Dr. Anitha Ram (’90) (far left),Dr. Anu Rose (’90) (center),  Dr. Benjamin Ross (not pictured) and Dr. Somya Sathyendra (2nd from left).

On Sunday April 10th Dr. Ward graciously hosted Tufts faculty and CMC local alumni to welcome these guests.  She and her spouse Dr. Shiv Pillai (’69) spared nothing in preparing a lavish India meal.  They even had a birthday cake for Foundation President Kate Guenther!

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