CMC Vellore Videos
by Jack Gillmar – Scudder Association Foundation Board Member

\”I have researched CMC on where there are lots of good videos on CMC. These four that I have screened and attached below make a very nice set.\” Jack- Gillmar



Our Stories, Our History – Christian Medical College, CMC, Vellore – 

Jun 21, 2015, Ever wondered about the story of CMC? In this video you will see the moment that inspired a young woman to establish a Christian medical mission in Southern India over a 100 years ago. See how it has grown and developed over the century – and meet some of the people who have helped it on it\’s journey. Be inspired yourself by this wonderful story of faith and devotion.


\"CMCOur Stories, Our CMC (Long) – Christian Medical College, CMC, Vellore – 

Jun 21, 2015, CMC in Vellore, Southern India, is one of the country\’s largest medical institutions. It provides health and community serves for hundreds of thousands of people each year. CMC also leads the way in many research undertakings and provides a highly sought after medical education for doctors, nurses and allied health workers. With a foundation of strong Christian beliefs, CMC delivers unique and compassionate support and care for India\’s sick and needy. Come and experience some of our achievements and see the challenges we face in today\’s New India.

\"KannigapuramCMC Vellore Kannigapuram Campus (Drone video taken in July 2021) Medical College, CMC, Vellore –

Sep 4, 2021, Christian Medical College Vellore is building a new multi-specialty hospital and teaching facility at Kannigapuram, 12 km from the main hospital in Vellore. During the first and the second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, parts of the hospital were temporarily opened up to care for COVID patients. The services that will move to the Kannigapuram Campus include those disciplines that attract a large number of patients from outside Vellore. This will enable us to serve our patients better – both in the new facility and in the main Vellore campus. Neurosciences, Cardiopulmonary sciences, Integrated Cancer Care, Renal sciences, Haematology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Hepatobiliary Surgery, transplant services and a multilevel Intensive Care are planned to move in the first phase of development. The new campus will also be home to a Level 1 Trauma Care Centre, the only one in South India, which will care for trauma patients, especially road traffic accident victims. Presently, the hospital is nearly complete and the residential areas, being occupied by medical personnel. When fully built, the self-sufficient campus will have various amenities including a low-cost residential facility for relatives of patients.


What is the magic of CMC?

May 14, 2022, Azim Premji, Founder-Chair of Wipro, asks, \”What is the magic of CMC?\”. He goes on to answer the question in these extracts from his speech for the 10th Ida S. Scudder Humanitarian Oration, delivered in CMC Vellore on December 10th, 2021.


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