Crossing the Delaware

Crossing the Delaware
By Virgil Scudder

You may have crossed over a family landmark without realizing it.  I had, many times.

Welcome to the Scudder Falls Bridge. 


The eight-lane structure carries Interstate 295 over the Delaware River between Ewing Township, New Jersey, just north of Trenton, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which adjoins Philadelphia.  More than 55,000 vehicles a day cross it.

Scudders Falls is a popular New Jersey destination for kayakers and whitewater rafters who want to challenge the river’s rapids.  The Scudder Falls bridge was named after this local recreational attraction which, in turn, was named after Richard Betts Scudder

By the way, there are no falls, just the rapids that attract white water thrill seekers. 

\"Scudders \"RICHARD

Richard Betts Scudder was born on Long Island around 1670.  He fought in the French and Indian War before becoming one of the early settlers of the Trenton area.

Pennsylvania bridge officials dropped the possessive “s” in Scudders Falls Bridge for easier pronunciation.  Thus, it’s Scudders Falls if you’re kayaking or canoeing and Scudder Falls if you’re crossing the bridge.

The nearly 1800-foot-long structure was completed in 2022, replacing the obsolete Scudder Falls Bridge that had been built in 1961.  The new bridge won numerous design awards and was rated one of the top ten new bridges in the country in 2022.

So, if you ever plan to cross the Delaware River on I-295, give a salute to Richard Betts Scudder and all of the other Scudders who were instrumental in developing Trenton, New Jersey, and its surroundings.  We have a very rich history in that area. 

But no need to rush.  The bridge is designed to last for 100 years.



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