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This is our third report from our Indian Grant Chair, Dr. James Taylor’s recent trip to India.

Thomas Cook Travel Donates 5 Much Needed Dialysis Machines

Active Dialysis service at SMH doubles in size

With a generous grant from the Thomas Cook Travel Group, SMH’s dialysis unit will nearly double in size with 5 additional machines and ECHO cardiogram ultrasound system. Renal failure due to diabetes hypertension and cardiovascular disease is a major health problem in Ranipet.

The dedication ceremony was in loving memory of Rev. Dr. John Scudder and was officiated by Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Rajavelu, Bishop in Vellore, and Officers of the CSI Diocese of Vellore, also dedicating the expanded unit were Dr. Sunil Chandy, Director, CMC, Vellore and Dr. C.E. Eapen, Medical Superintendent, CMC .

The Scudder Association appreciates the new dialysis machines donated by Thomas Cook Travel. Hopefully our members will consider this when planning their next trip abroad.








1st Floor of SMH Nursing Hostel Complete

Exterior new Nursing Hostel.

Nursing Students at SMH.

The first floor of the new nursing hostel is complete. It will house 40 students in (by western standards) spartan conditions. Funds for the hostel came from SMH School of Nursing alumni living and working in the Gulf States. Anbu is planning another fund raising trip to the Gulf this year in hopes of adding a second floor. He has had little success in India proper, where there is very little tradition of philanthropy.

Mrs. Asha Noble, saintly woman, Principal, School of Nursing, inside a no frills quad hostel room, with desks, book cases and storage facilities for 4 nursing students.

A $750 donation provides a nursing school scholarship for one year. This is a terrific philanthropic opportunity. It helps an economically disadvantaged individual student build a viable career, which will in turn provide a vital service to the health of the country. Your donation goes 100% to the student with no overhead taken by the Scudder Association or SMH.


Scudder Association members can look forward to being reintroduced to another favorite “Aunt” of the Association’s … more later.




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