We are within $6,800 of our matching goal of $20,000! This will provide the CMC Vellore with $60,000 to go to the maternity care facility which will be a 24-hour maternal health facility in the Jawadhi Hills that provides childbirth deliveries, obstetric, neonatal intensive care, and maternal-child healthcare training.

The CMC Vellore staff are undertaking an ambitious effort to provide the women and children of the Jawadhi Hills region with modern maternity health care. Many of the villages can only be reached on foot or by a two wheeler ride. The people of Jawadhi Hills face terrible disadvantages; the gravest being inadequate healthcare. Dr. Rose is following in the footsteps of Dr. Ida Scudder as she continues her legacy by providing desperately needed care for women in childbirth. Their team has been working in the Jawadhi Hills region and tribal belt of Vellore since 2007.

Dr. Rose and her team are an inspiration to us all and truly embody the SAF. The Scudder Foundation was created over 100 years ago to support Dr. (Aunt) Ida Scudder and her tireless efforts to provide modern medical care to the women of India.

Now is the time for us to step up and help their team and the people of Jawadhi Hills in any way that we can. Donate to the cause today.

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