God Bless the Dreamers

Mahatma Gandhi shares his “Dream” with Dr. Ida Scudder and CMC Vellore Medical in 1928.

It is only fitting that today, on Martin Luther King Day, we remember that we were not the only ones inspired by “Aunt Ida’s” love and compassion. Mahatma Gandhi visited Dr. Ida Scudder and the CMC Vellore Medical School, in 1928. It was an historic occasion when two great souls sat together.  Two people who have gone on to inspire generations of Indians.

Gandhi’s love and compassion for his fellow countrymen and his determination for his people to be free and independent, through non-violence, spread far beyond the people of India.  Gandhi’s principals ignited the imagination and passion of an American who would go on to lead his nation in a Civil Rights Movement that would change a country and its people.

God bless the “Dreamers”

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  1. Sarah Cornelius Walter ( batch of 1962)

    Thankful to God for choosing me to become the alumnus of CMC Vellore founded by Aunt Ida Scudder. Fortunate to be taught by the teachers who knew her personally, who passed on her legacy of love & compassion with which we could carry her torch to the areas of darkness & needs. Feel so proud to know that Mahatma Gandhi made that visit to acknowledge her contribution to make this world a better place.


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