India Travel Requirements

Travel Visa: 

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Visa Online Application

     it can take more than 2 weeks to get your visa, so plan well in advance (costs may vary based on conversion rate at application time)
     Country Duration of Visa Consular Fee
     US Citizens 10 Years (120 Months) Multiple Entry $150.00
                          5 Years (60 Months) Multiple Entry $150.00
                        6 Months Multiple Entry $60.00
     Other Nationals 6 Months Multiple Entry $40.00

Document RequirementS:

Documents for Tourist e-Visa:
     1) A clear and colored scanned copy of the Page of Passport which holds the personal details. Format – PDF
Size – Maximum 2 MB
     2) A digital photograph taken by a digital camera or phone camera with the head in the center of the picture and a light-colored background.
     Format – JPEG
    Size – Maximum 2 MB
PASSPORT VALIDITY and travel requirements:
      Must be valid for six months beyond date of visa application to obtain a visa
     BLANK PASSPORT PAGES: Two pages required
CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR ENTRY: The possession of satellite phones is prohibited in India
CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR EXIT: Check local law for reporting requirements for exiting with large quantities of foreign currency and Indian rupees
     International Travelers are required to have a return ticket or an onward journey ticket and may be asked at the airport to be furnished.
    Tourists must travel with sufficient money to spend during the stay in India.

Travel Tips (USA Today)

Recommended Vaccines for India


Typhoid Contaminated Food or Water Japanese Encephalitis Mosquito‐borne, Hepatitis A Contaminated Food or Water

Hepatitis B Contaminated Body Fluids (Sex, needles, etc.)

Rabies Infected Animals

Polio Contaminated Food or Water Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Various Vectors Influenza Airborne Droplets
Required for yellow fever if the traveler is arriving from an infected area; others are suggested

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