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Journal Vol 5 no 2 Spring 2023

Who Was Dr John Stewart Husband of Elizabeth Alburtus Stewart

If a curious person meets a brick wall in her family history research, there is no telling at the beginning where that might lead. Not immediately finding the historical record that would answer this question: “Who was Dr. John1 Stewart?” resulted in one question leading to another, until I found myself immersed in the fascinating world of seventeenth century Long Island culture, full of interesting characters including the Scudder family and with unexpected plot twists to enrich appreciation for my roots and this segment of the history of America’s foundation.

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A Timeline for Elizabeth3 A. Stewart’s Father, John2 Alburtus and His Family, and Other Middelburg/Newtown News as Background for Dr. John1 and Elizabeth3 A. Stewart’s History

This timeline of events in the birth family of John2 Alburtus (Pietro1), that includes data for Elizabeth3 A. Stewart’s Scudder and Alburtus aunts and uncles, and her own birth family’s events, illustrates what was going on in town and in her family. It provides historical, social and geographical context and the neighborhood atmosphere of her early childhood.

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English Quaker Founder George Fox Visits Long Island in 1672: Elizabeth3 A. Stewart’s Relatives Were among the Populace Prepared for Fox’s Ideas

As Ms. Overton says, “No history of Long Island, religious or secular, would be complete that failed to record the part played by the steadfast, sturdy group of men and women whom Peter Stuvesant and others of his day dubbed ‘the heretical and abominable sect called Quakers;’” neither would the history of Dr. John1 and Elizabeth3 (Alburtus) Stewart be complete without mentioning the Quaker influence in the family of her mother’s parents, John2 Scudder I and Mary2 (King) Scudder

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Elizabeth3 (Alburtus) Stewart’s Quaker Uncle Samuel3 Scudder and His Controversy with Newtown’s Town Minister, the Rev. William1 Leverich, and other Pertinent Issues at Newtown

While records imply that religious affiliations of Dr. John1 and Elizabeth3 A. Stewart may have evolved over time, research to learn more exposed religious and social undercurrents in early Newtown, L.I. that are relevant to the history of Elizabeth3 (Alburtus) Stewart’s mother’s Scudder family. These give context to religious issues and other records later in Dr. John1 and Elizabeth A. Stewart’s history.

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Newtown Long Island
The Mysterious James Stewart Mentioned in 1684 on Newtown Records

After the 1658 reference to the former meadow of James Stewart in Newtown, it was almost thirty years before the next recorded entry for someone with the surname of Stewart in Newtown, or on Long Island. In fact, the later reference in 1684 is the only other mention of Stewart besides Dr. John1 Stewart found thus far in any of the towns on Long Island.

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