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Journal Vol 5 no 3 Fall 2023

Remembering the 1912 Founders of the Scudder Association with Their Vision of Connection: How They Gathered 20th Century Scudders to the Family Circle and to Support Its India Legacy

On February 22, 1912, three gentlemen with the surname of Scudder sent out a Call to “the Scudders of America” with the mission statement of their vision of “summoning the Scudder Clan to a gathering in New York for the purpose” to organize the descendants of the “sturdy Pioneer Puritans, Thomas of Salem and John of Barnstable” into a cause bigger than themselves,

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A Group of Scudders Founded Scudder Memorial Association in 1911 to Raise Funds for the Construction of a New Scudder Memorial Hospital to Replace the Worn-out Facility of 1866

The Scudder Memorial Association was founded in 1911, the year prior to the founding of the Scudder Association of America in 1912. In 1913, Mrs. John L. Scudder wrote a history of the Scudder Memorial Association stating that it was founded on 10 March 1911 for two reasons: “to honor the Rev. John Scudder, M.D., for his self-sacrificing work as a pioneer medical missionary in India

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Silas Downer Scudder, Jr., 1917, 1921 5th President of the Scudder Association

Silas Downer Scudder (1860–1931) born in India, received his education in Germany and in England. He became a banker in San Antonio, Texas; president of the Jefferson Bank in New York City, He was for many years in charge of banks which were in receivers’ hands in Virginia, North Carolina and elsewhere. As he phrased it, he was a doctor for sick banks.’ He was a commander of the Knights Templar.

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Marvyn Scudder, 1922 8th President of the Scudder Association

Marvyn Scudder was a Yale man. He worked with a number of investigating companies and among others he was aide to Charles Evans Hughes in the Armstrong Insurance Investigation and to Mayor Mitchell in the investigation of the New York City Board of Education. He often acted as financial expert with House and Senate Committees. He became head of his own firm of investors and of the Investors Agency of New York.

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Scudder Memorial Association and Scudder Association of America Combined

When the Scudder Memorial Association with address of 1 Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey filed its certificate of incorporation on 19 June 1911, its sole purpose was to raise funds to complete the construction of the new Scudder Memorial Hospital facility. Within ten years, members of the Scudder Association of America, that was formed in 1912 to include social and family history purposes, also were contributing substantially to the building of the hospital through a part of the association’s dues and personal donations.

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Theodore Townsend Scudder and His Bulletin

¬¬¬President Theodore Townsend Scudder Proposes to Publish the Scudder Association Bulletin,
Isabelle Scudder Farrington Invites the Scudders to Her School for the 1937 Annual Reunion, and a Decision to Merge the Scudder Association and the Scudder Memorial Association in 1938

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