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Journal Vol 6 no 1 Winter 2024

John Montgomery Scudder

The 9th president of the Scudder Association of America was John10 Montgomery Scudder, who served in part of 1922 and 1923, pictured here cutting the ribbon for the Scudder Falls Bridge near where he grew up on the property purchased by his 4th great grandfather, Richard4 Betts Scudder.

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Rec Charles Judson Scudder
The Rev. Charles Judson Scudder President of Scudder Association of America in 1925, 1947, 1948

The Rev. Charles J. Scudder’s youth was spent in a most remarkable family as this brief history of his parents’ family illustrates. His father, Dr. John8 Scudder II served thirty-nine years in India until his death in 1900. His mother, Sophia (Weld) Scudder remained in India for another twenty-five years after her husband’s death to make her service in India longer than any of the other Scudder missionaries, sixty-four years, at her death in 1925

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Rita Lord Scudder
Rita Lord Scudder, Served 1926

First Female President of the Scudder Association of America
The Scudder Association was rather progressive when it elected its first female president less than six years after women in the United States of America were given the right to vote.

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Theodore Townsend Scudder, Sr.

During his long term of presidency of the Scudder Association of America, Theodore10 Townsend Scudder guided the Association through the lean years that followed the completion of the Scudder Memorial Hospital and the Great Depression. In 1936 he revived interest the family gathering again and in Scudder family history by beginning publication of the Bulletin, carrying most expenses out of his own pocket.

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Manning Force Stires
Manning Force Stires

The Scudder Association Bulletin XXI summarizes that Manning Stires “was a Yale graduate and member of the New York and New Jersey Bars. He devoted much of his time to the practice of corporate law and study of government.

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