Scudder Memorial Hospital – Ranipet, India

Scudder memorial hospital

Scudder Memorial Hospital Celebrated its 150th Anniversary this year

Scudder Memorial Hospital has been providing quality healthcare for the past 150 years in and around Ranipet. The History of the hospital dates back to the middle of 19th century when Dr. Silas Downer Scudder started the hospital in Ranipet on March 17, 1866.

Silas was the son of Rev. Dr. John Scudder the first Medical Missionary from America to to India. The name and fame of the hospital spread rapidly all over Ranipet  The hospital grew rapidly in popularity so that the number of patients in the third year was double that in the second year.

Today, SMH serves over 150 inpatients and 250 outpatients daily, with over 8 wards, 15 clinics each day and 20 other departments / sections.

Scudder Memorial Hospital caters to the healthcare needs of over 65 villages around Ranipet. The treatment provided at SMH is highly subsidized and less expensive compared to the private clinics & hospitals. Most of our patients are poor and on many occasions the very poor patients are treated free of cost at SMH.


Not all the sainted “Aunts” working in Ranipet were Scudders – Meet Aunt Minnie

Discover the story behind the remarkable woman who started and devoted her life to the SMH Nursing School. Click image to learn more.

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For additional information regarding the Scudders in Ranipet: Wikipedia – Scudder Family in India



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