Samuel2 Lathrop and Elizabeth2 (Scudder) Lathrop of Barnstable, New London and Norwich:
Some character traits through five generations to their great-great grandson Charles5 Lathrop
Descriptions primarily drawn from E. B. Huntington’s Memoirs of the Lathrop and Huntington families.
By Margery Boyden, Scudder Association Foundation Historian, ©2019


© Scudder Association Foundation, All rights reserved


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  1. Cindy Rice

    Hi. I am working on my family tree. I am researching my Newcomb family tree. I am finding much conflicting information on Ancestry. Did Samuel Lathrop (1622-1700) and Elizabeth Scudder(1625-1690) have a daughter by the name of Deborah? I am finding other family trees on Ancestry that have a Deborah Lathrop as the wife of my 7th great grandfather, Simon Newcomb. Thank you for your time.


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