Witness the powerful presentation of a 7th Generation Scudder\’s return to India

Dr. Allison Taylor, great,great,great,great granddaughter of Dr. Silas Scudder, founder of Scudder Memorial Hospital, Ranipet, India, presented to the Board of Directors\’ Bicentennial meeting, October 12th, 2018,  via video. Allison was unable to attend the Annual Meeting but shared her experience after an 8 day rotation in a Veteran\’s Hospital, where she is completing her residency.

Allison\’s account of her journey and her transcendence in India is both moving and inspirational.

Click here for a moving historic account of the latest generation of Scudders to share the wonder and joy of serving others.

For a link to a previous posting on Allison visit to India, Click here

For a link on the Taylor Family\’s return to India Click here

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