Welcome Back !

\"welcome-back-homestead-001\"Dear Cousins:

Darwin noted that a species either adapts to change or goes extinct.  The Scudder Association is no different.

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in both the Association and the way the world communicates. To respond to this, we have devoted ourselves to establish a digital network system that will allow us to successfully transition into our next hundred years. 

We understand the importance of providing our members timely family news, Indian Mission updates and a convenient way to keep in touch. The new Scudder Association “2.0” is designed to do just that.

 We are inviting all former members of the Association back to experience our new Internet and social media offering.  So, that you may fully benefit from the system we are waiving membership fees for the first 90 days.  

 We regret your lapse of membership and we will endeavor to regain your enthusiasm and support. We hope that you will accept this invitation. Your participation is essential to our “survival”. 

 On behalf of the Scudder Association’s Board of Governors it is a privilege to welcome you back. 

To renew your membership please use this link:  Welcome Back !

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