Your Family Needs You

So Do Our Friends in India

For over 200 years the Scudders have provided direct medical care and comfort to the peoples of India.


For over 100 years Scudder families have provided financial support to those medical services through the philanthropic efforts of the Scudder Association Foundation. It is a tradition we have quietly continued.


However, not since the turbulent period of Indian Independence in the 1940’s, has the work begun by the Scudders and continued by the thousands of graduates of the CMC Vellore and Scudder Memorial Hospital medical programs come under a graver threat to the welfare of the communities they serve than now.

Today India is Burning


Quite literally, as most of you are aware, there is a health crisis of unimaginable proportion in India today.  While our prayers and thoughts go to all of the people there who suffer, the scope of the Covid infection is too vast for our Foundation to mitigate the crisis nationwide.


We can, though and we must do what we can for those Institutions, founded by our family, to see that they weather this horrifying pandemic.

To end that end, we are asking that you, as a “Scudder,” to join your family, and assist us in providing relief from the terrible burden the Covid-19 crisis has put on the people and staff of CMC Vellore and Scudder Memorial Hospital.

Just as this emergency is unprecedented, the Scudder Association Foundation is breaking with our usual membership fee structure and will be applying donations to our Covid relief fund to our membership fees.

Here’s how it will work 

$100 donation = 1 year membership

$500 donation = 5 year membership

$1,000 and up = Lifetime membership

Of course membership is merely a small incentive for contributing.  The real reason is for all the good your contribution will do for those in desperate need of your help.


We know your prayers will be accounted for in the usual fashion. But your financial help can be accounted for here, and now, by pressing the Donate Button. We look forward to having you back in the family.

We look forward to having you back in the family.



Please share this appeal with your family and friends.

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