Edwina Youth-Scudder Hospitalized

A Venerable Member of the Scudder Association Hospitalized

We recently received the following notice from Patricia Carrol with Vellore CMC Foundation.

Edwina Scudder-Youth accompanied by her husband, Martin,
participate in a history tour at a past Scudder Family Reunion

Hello everyone,
I spoke with Dr. Elise Youth, the daughter of Edwina Scudder-Youth, who advised me that her mother was in the hospital suffering from a kidney stone affliction. Ms. Scudder-Youth had already been battling Stage 4 malignant melanoma and was considerably weak. As many of you may recall Edwina served as Board Chair of the Foundation from 2003-2009 and is currently a Corporation member. She has been a committed supporter of CMC for many years.
Her failing health over the last few years has prevented her from attending our Annual Corporation meetings, much to her regret.
Many of you may know her well and would like to wish her a speedy recovery.
You can contact Elise here, nino10@verizon.net
Kind Regards,
Patricia Carroll
Manager of Business & Finance
Vellore CMC Foundation,Inc.

The thoughts and prayers of the Scudder Association are with Edwina and her family.

Cards and letters may be sent to:

Edwina A. Scudder-Youth

211 Blue Ridge Drive
Levittown, PA 19057

Excerpt from the 2006 Annual Newsletter

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