CMC – Centennial Gala

Gala Honors Anna Pulimood & Chelsea Clinton at 100th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday December 13, 2018, the CMC Foundation celebrated the founding of CMC by Dr. Ida Scudder 100 years ago, by presenting awards to Dr. Anna Pulimood, President of CMC College and Chelsea Clinton, Children\’s Author and Board Member of the  Clinton Foundation, for their work in raising the awareness of the importance of women in medicine.

The Scudder Association Foundation was honored to be one of the co-sponsors of this year\’s centennial Gala event. In attendance and representing our foundation were, President, Charles S.K. Scudder and his wife Mary, Finance Chairman, Jim Taylor, his wife Susan and daughter Allie Taylor, Communications Chair, William Scudder and wife Barbara, Treasurer, Richard Williamson and wife Laurie, And Secretary, Hadley Barzarsky.

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