7th Generation Scudder – Off to India

199 Years And 7 Generations Later … Another Scudder Departs for India

Allison Taylor, 4th year medical student and great granddaughter of Dr. John and Silas Scudder, leaves for clinical work in CMC Vellore.

Allison Taylor, continues a long and proud tradition of Scudders in service to the medical community of India. Both her father, Jim Taylor and mother, Susan Taylor are physicians and Allison is directly descended from a line of Scudder doctors that had served in India since 1819.

Allison is currently a 4th year medical student attending the Medical College of Wisconsin. She will be spending the month of January at CMC Vellore Hospital, rotating through the Infectious Disease, Intensive Care and Low Cost Effective Care Clinics. While Allison may have an inherited proclivity to providing medical assistance to those in need, she pointed out in a recent conversation, that in addition to her parent’s influence, Dr. Paul Farmer’s book, Partner to the Poor,  had a profound impact on directing her professional trajectory. Dr. Farmer is an American anthropologist and physician who is best known for his humanitarian work providing suitable health care to rural and under-resourced areas in developing countries.

Dr. John Scudder and his wife Harriet, left Boston in 1819, to begin a lifetime together serving others in Southwest Asia. Allison Taylor, their great granddaughter, continues in that tradition.




We congratulate Allison on her upcoming visit to Vellore and wish her all the best in her medical and humanitarian endeavors.



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