Who says you can\’t go home again?

In spite of Thomas Wolfe\’s assertion, Dr. James Taylor, his wife, Dr. Susan Taylor and his daughter Allison, a 4th year medical student returned to India where they continued a nearly 200 year tradition of fostering medical care. Dr.James Taylor, serves on the Boards of both the CMC Vellore and the Scudder Association.

Postcards from Vellore

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During a week long stay, Dr. Taylor met with multiple faculty members to explore specific areas for joint effort. Most promising at present are in Radiation Oncology, Neurosurgery, and Dermatology. She hopes to promote exchanges for medical students, residents and junior faculty. Accompanying the Taylor family were, Radiation Oncology resident Somu Supiah and junior faculty Mac Longo from MCW traveled to CMC Vellore to learn about CMC’s approach to providing high quality healthcare in a resource challenged setting.




As we prepare to celebrate our bicentennial of service to others, we at the Scudder Association applaud the Taylor Family for keeping the spirit of Dr. John Scudder alive and well.

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