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A Wonderful Note from India

The great work of the Scudder family and the Scudder Association Foundation in India continues to draw praise and gratitude.

Newly elected SAF President Sue Swanson recently received this note from Bishop Sharma of the CSI Diocese of Vellore.

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Bishop Sharma

Dear Sue Swanson,

I am writing to share some wonderful news we recently received from Jack Gilmar. He informed us of your (election) as President of the Scudder Association Foundation, and on behalf of everyone here at Arni and Tindivanam schools, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you.

Your dedication and commitment to our cause have always been exemplary, and we believe that your new role will bring forth positive changes and significant advancements for the foundation.

Additionally, I wanted to convey the special greetings sent by the students and staff of both Arni and Tindivanam schools. The spirit of enthusiasm and support for your endeavors is palpable among them. They are eagerly looking forward to the visit of Jack Gilmar in January 2024 and are equally excited at the prospect of welcoming you to India soon. It fills us with immense pride to say that you are the very reason we exist – the fruits of the mission works of the American Arcot mission. (The Scudder Family)

We can still recall the stories passed down through generations, tales of selflessness and unwavering determination to bring hope and light to our lives. Your sacrifice, leaving behind everything you knew, venturing into the unknown, all for the sole purpose of making the world a better place for us, will forever inspire us.

Please keep our mission in your thoughts and prayers as you navigate your responsibilities as the president of the Scudder Association Foundation. Your support and guidance mean a lot to us and are instrumental in our efforts to provide quality education and uplift the lives of our students.

Once again, congratulations on your (election). May you continue to inspire and lead with utmost zeal and determination.

With warm regards,

Bishop Sharma Nithiyanandham
CSI Diocese of Vellore”


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