Greetings from Dr. Sam Raj in India

By Virgil Scudder

“It is still like a dream that came and went—something beyond our wildest imaginations.”

So wrote Dr. Sam Raj in an email to Scudder Association Foundation Board member Jack Gillmar. Dr. Raj and his wife Pamela made outstanding presentations at the Foundation’s annual meeting in Essex, Connecticut, in October, telling attendees about the excellent service being provided at Scudder Memorial Hospital in Ranipet and emphasizing how essential the Foundation’s support is to this historic facility.

This charitable institution serves a large number of poor people from a wide area, often for little or no charge, as it has done for more than 150 years. It was founded by Dr. Silas Scudder in 1866. The family’s trip was financed by Jack and former Scudder Association President Rob Fish and included a stopover in Hawaii as guests of the Gillmars.

Dr. Sam Raj is Associate Director of Scudder Memorial and a specialist in dental and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Pamela Raj is one of the hospital’s ObGyn specialists. Both are highly regarded in their fields. Best of all, the Raj family brought their daughters Ruth and Sophia, two beautiful and gracious young girls.

Most touching in Dr. Sam’s note to Jack Gillmar was the signature: Pam, Sam, Ruth, and Sophia Scudder. I can think of no better tribute to the close and loving relationship we have with the people of the Scudder missions in India.

SAF President Sue Swanson recently expressed it best when she said, “The Scudders love India and India loves the Scudders.” It’s service in the love of God and mankind. That’s what the Scudder Association Foundation stands for.

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