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Calvin’s Crusaders In The Wars That Made America

Calvin Crusaders In The Wars That Made America book cover

Dear Members and Friends of the Scudder Association Foundation,

We would like to share a compelling review of this book written by one of our cousins and current Foundation Board Member, David T. Fisher, living in Wiesbaden, Germany

Nathaniel Scudder, Our Forgotten “Founding Father”:

A Review of David Fisher’s “Calvin’s Crusaders in the Wars That Made America” – 

The Story of Nathaniel and Isabella Scudder.

It has often been quipped that “truth is the first casualty of war,” an expression whose unknown origin does not detract from its veracity. One “war” which reflects this wisdom is the back-and-forth taking place in the American media over the meaning of the American founding.

This book is currently available in Hardbound on Amazon There are also Paperback and Kindle versions available.

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