Meet Meredith Scudder

The Wife of 2022 Masters Champion Scottie Scheffler:
Meet Meredith Scudder


2020 was the year that set Scottie Scheffler\’s career into overdrive. He tied for fourth at the PGA Championship, shot 12-under 59 at The Northern Trust, and was named the 2020 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. It\’s also no coincidence 2020 was the year he married his high school sweetheart, who just so happens to be a Scudder.
Meet Meredith Scudder.

Scudder and Scheffler grew up in Texas, where the two met at Highland Park High School before Scheffler went on to attend the University of Texas, whilst Scudder attended the rival University of Texas A&M.

As Scheffler\’s high school sweetheart, Scudder has been there for many of his career\’s best moments, including standing beside him as his caddy at The Masters Par-3 Contest last week and as he shot 10-under par to crown him the 2022 Masters Champion.

Scudder can also be credited for the win, keeping Scheffler calm, cool, and collected on Sunday afternoon.

\”I was sitting there telling Meredith, \’I don\’t think I\’m ready for this…I don\’t feel like I\’m ready for this kind of stuff.\’ And she told me, \’Who are you to say that you are not ready?\’\” Scheffler recalled in a post-tournament interview on Sunday.

Congratulations, Scottie and Meredith!

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