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Journal Vol 4 no 1 Spring 2022

Map of Oyster Bay
Scudder Research Led to New Perspectives about Samuel and Lydia Stewart: Long Island Roots and Relationships for Stewart, Scudder, and Harrison, in New York, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina; and add Potter et al. in Delaware

Most of us want to know who our ancestors are and from whence they came. For some, this means a family history mystery that requires gathering enough clues to put the puzzle pieces together accurately. This is especially true for those who feel a gnawing skepticism about speculations some have made.

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The Cooper, Joseph2 Ludlam, and the Blacksmith Isaiah1 Harrison, Engines of Commerce at Early Oyster Bay, Had Early Ties to Scudders and to Dr. John1 Stewart, the Cooper

When Isaiah1 Harrison, Sr. took over the blacksmith shop at Oyster Bay in 1687, Joseph2 Ludlam’s cooper shop was next door. Nearby was the home and shop where the shoemaker, Gideon2 Wright (Peter1) had lived before he died in 1685, leaving his widow Elizabeth2 (Townsend) Wright with eight minor children to raise.

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Scudders of Ten Farms, Huntington in Disputed Territory on West Side of Nissequogue River, and a Summary of Huntington’s Land Dispute with Richard1 Smith, Patentee of Smithtown

In his book, Settlers by the Long Grey Trail, J. Houston Harrison must not have been fully satisfied with his speculation that Isaiah1 Harrison, Sr.’s second wife Abigail was a Smith, for he made an extensive search of various genealogies that included thirteen families: the “Carpenters, Davises, Hallocks, Lawrences, Loyds, Smiths, Townsends, Underhills, Warrens, Weekes, Whiteheads, Willets and Wrights”

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Like a Few Other “Traditions” about Isaiah Harrison’s Family Relationships, Speculation that Abigail, 2nd Wife of Isaiah Harrison, Sr. Was a “Smith” Is Contradicted by Long Island Sources

This investigation of Long Island records that pertains to Lydia2 (Harrison) Stewart’s Long Island roots and relationships confirms there are errors in some speculative relationships proposed in Setters by the Long Grey Trail, a comprehensive history of the Isaiah1 Harrison, Sr. family that was published in 1935 by author J. Houston Harrison,

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Why Did Isaiah1 and Abigail _? Harrison Move from Oyster Bay to Smithtown in 1702? The Hunt for Abigail among Isaiah1, Sr.’s In-laws including Scudder, Townsend Connections?

In exploring motives for their move, since finding Isaiah1, Sr.’s earliest record at Long Island, there are new possibilities to consider in the hunt for Mrs. Abigail Harrison’s identity. See Chapter One, page 2, especially since this record includes persons from Isaiah1’s soon to be in-laws’ relatives. These were DAVID3 SCUDDER, David3’s stepbrother JOHN2 JONES, and ROBERT ARTHUR, Thomas2 Scudder, Jr. and Mary (Ludlam) Scudder’s son-in-law

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William Lawrence and John Harrison of Flushing. Did Isaiah Harrison, Sr.’s Mother-in-law Have Ties to the Lawrences Too?

So far in this investigation, Isaiah1 Harrison, Sr.’s mother-in-law, Elizabeth2 (Townsend) (Wright) Ludlam, has been at the hub of relationships to nearly every person named with Isaiah1 Harrison, Sr. in his Long Island records. Although, there is no reason to believe that William1 Lawrence, Sr. and John1 Townsend I had any family relationship, as shown by historical records,

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The First Record for Samuel2 Stewart Is the Will of His Father Dr. John1 Stewart/Stuart and This Sussex County, Delaware Will Confirms Samuel2 Stewart’s Long Island Roots

In the preceding chapters, this account of Samuel2 Stewart’s story from his Guidebook to research about him has begun with the background of Samuel2’s Long Island roots and relationships. But the documentary history specific to Samuel2 Stewart begins with the Sussex County, Delaware will of his father, Dr. John1 Stewart/Stuart. Samuel2’s father’s will, dated 1 September 1704

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