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Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress and signed the Articles of Confederation in 1777.

Nathaniel Scudder (May 10, 1733 – October 17, 1781) was an American physician and patriot leader during the Revolutionary War. He served as a delegate for New Jersey to the Continental Congress, where he was one of two delegates from New Jersey to sign the Articles of Confederation.

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Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was the only active member of Congress to be “Killed in Action” in an American war.

Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was mortally wounded pursuing a British raiding party, Monmouth County, NJ, October 16, 1781

In 1777, Scudder became the colonel of his militia regiment and that fall was sent as a delegate to the Continental Congress. During the summer of 1778.
Scudder continued both forms of service for several years. Finally, on October 17, 1781, he led a part of his regiment to offer resistance to a British Army foraging party, and was killed in a skirmish near

Dr. Scudder was the only member of the Continental Congress to die in battle during the Revolutionary War.   Learn More


  1. MaryLou (Barnett) Klemm

    I am trying to join D.A.R. and since William Scudder was my easiest
    Patriot, that is the one the Sarasota DAR group wanted to use. I have twelve
    that I could use, but guess I have to work on those myself…(smile)
    I will get back to you when I am approved.

    • Richard Scudder

      Hi MaryLou,
      I’ll grant you a 24-Hour Pass to our Genealogy Database, so you can do more research. We encourage you to help support the maintenance of this database, by becoming a member for just $35 per year. Let me know if you have any questions Rich Scudder Board Member – IT Administrator

      • Chris Leiser

        Hello Richard, my name is Christopher Channing Leiser, my paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Scudder of Shelbyville, Tn- her father was Philip Scudder Jr/II. I am trying to find information about the family and confirm relation to Col Dr Nathaniel Scudder. I believe my great5 grandfather is Dr Joseph Scudder, Nathaniel’s son.

  2. Carolyn Williams-Foell

    I am directly descended from Capt William Scudder of the American Revolutionary War. He is my Great (5X) Grandfather. How is he related to Col Nathaniel Scudder?

    • Richard Scudder

      Hello Carolyn, per our database Col. Nathanial Scudder born 10 May 1733 had a brother Col. William Scudder born 6 Apr 1739 if this is your Great Grandfather. Do you have any other information that we can use to verify their linage?

      Best regards, Rich Scudder Board Member


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