Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress
and signed the Articles of Confederation in 1777.

Nathaniel Scudder (May 10, 1733 – October 17, 1781) was an American physician and patriot leader during the Revolutionary War. He served as a delegate for New Jersey to the Continental Congress, where he was one of two delegates from New Jersey to sign the Articles of Confederation.

Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was the only active member of Congress
to be “Killed in Action” in an American war.

 Dr. Nathaniel Scudder was mortally wounded pursuing a British raiding party,
Monmouth County, NJ, October 16, 1781

In 1777, Scudder became the colonel of his militia regiment and that fall was sent as a delegate to the Continental Congress. During the summer of 1778.
Scudder continued both forms of service for several years. Finally, on October 17, 1781, he led a part of his regiment to offer resistance to a British Army foraging party, and was killed in a skirmish near

Dr. Scudder was the only member of the Continental Congress to die in battle during the Revolutionary War.   Learn More

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