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Giving is a 2 Way Street

While virtue may be its own reward, it is gratifying nonetheless, to be on the receiving end of someone’s appreciation. That was exactly how we felt when Emma Bigelow contacted us from Lake Michigan College with her kind words. We look forward to hearing from other current and previous scholarship recipients to get updates on their scholastic and professional pursuits.

What follows is our first on-line grant recipient, “Thank you” note.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2017 at 2:50PM, Emma Bigelow wrote:

Emma Bigelow, Nursing Student, Lake Michigan College and our first on-line “Thank you”, correspondent.

“My name is Emma Bigelow and I was one of the students who received a scholarship from the Scudder Foundation. I am currently a student at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor for Nursing. I live in a family of six who have helped, supported me and guided me in life. I am also related to Cheryl and Peter Thoms who are relatives of employees of a Scudder company, who suggested I apply for the scholarship.

I cannot thank you all enough for the help you’ve given me! I will definitely re-apply for more scholarships with this foundation. You are all amazing people! God bless! “


Your good effort and appreciation is thanks enough.  Keep up the good work.

We hope those of you reading this will encourage others to apply for our educational grants.

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  1. Elizabeth F Steel

    Emma, Thanks for your kind words. Can’t wait to hear about all of the wonderful things you will do in the future! April 15th is the deadline for applications! 😉 Betsy Steel
    Educational Grants Chair


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